What Is Communication and How to Use It Effectively

Communication is the foundation of our relationships. Communication is not only words but also gestures, facial expressions, body positioning, and touch. Having a speech-language pathologist on our team always educating the team is vital for increased quality of life for our clients.

Francesca, our admin, and resident SLP are always communicating to the team how we can increase the value of the care we are providing our Senior clientele.

She provides one on one communication and education to our caregivers to ensure there are no communication barriers between client and caregiver.

Francesca also goes around the community providing education regarding Dementia. She believes “when we know better, we do better”.

We are leveling up Senior care, and providing quality and valued care to our clients to really make their golden years shine!

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Snowbird Florida

Snow Bird Season

Snowbird season is almost upon us in Sarasota! For those who don’t know, Snow bird season is when Northerners flock to Florida typically from October to May.
With this flock of our northern friends, it is important to have explore homecare options prior to season so you are set to go in case of an emergency.
We always suggest to interview 3 homecare agencies and see which one fits your needs most. Ask questions about their recruitment, retention of staff and how they staff schedules.
Here at PSFS all our employees are Level II background checked, and all licenses up to date. We have a dedicated person on staff for all scheduling needs, as well as a person dedicated to all our clients’ wants and needs.
As always, our consultation is free. We want to get to know you, and you to get to know us! Give us a call!
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What is VA Aid and Attendance?

If you are a veteran overwhelmed with the high cost of long-term elder care, such as paying for assisted living facilities, home care aids, adult daycare, or skilled nursing, the Veterans Aid and Attendance benefit could be the solution to help offset these rising care costs. A wartime veteran or their surviving spouse with limited income may be eligible to receive a non-service connected pension (this means that the need for care does not have to result from one’s military service).

There are three levels of VA Pensions:

  • Basic Pension / Improved Income – for healthy veterans over the age of 65 with low incomes
  • Aid & Attendance (A&A) – for veterans over the age of 65 that require assistance with their activities of daily living
  • Housebound – for veterans with a disability rating of 100% that prevents them from leaving their home, but does not have to be related to their military service.

The Aid & Attendance and Housebound pensions provide additional monthly income over and above the Basic Monthly pension. To be eligible for either of these pensions, one must also meet the requirements for the Basic Pension


Here at Perfect Solutions for Seniors we assist you with qualifying for VA aid and attendance, at  NO EXTRA CHARGE!

We want to assist you in your homecare needs, and know navigating the qualification process can be tricky, so we are here to lend our expertise!


Call us today!

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Live in Care

Live in Care – Perfect Solution For Seniors

At Perfect Solution for Seniors, we believe in choices. We always recommend interviewing 3 private duty companies prior to making your decision.
We also recommend to not make your decision solely on price. Ask about the companies hiring methods, their company culture, ongoing education for their staff, and specialty programs.
At PSFS, we are always striving to do the best for our clients and increase our employee’s knowledge base about our clients.
This is why our Administrator has created the Cognitive-Communication program. Francesca uses her skills as a medical Speech-Language Pathologist to stage a person’s cognition and dementia. With that vital information, she is able to train the CNA specifically what the client needs. Furthermore, she takes the time to provide extensive education to the family about the diagnosis of their loved one.
We are a no cookie-cutter approach system, and this is just one way we are changing the landscape of in-home senior care.

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Dementia and Dysphagia

What are Geriatric Care Managers?

Geriatric care managers are the point person to plan and coordinate care of the elderly and others with physical and mental impairments to meet their long term care needs and also improve their quality of life.
Geriatric care managers especially come in need when a senior loved one is far from their family, and that family needs an advocate to be there for their loved one.
At Perfect Solutions for Seniors, we always accompany our clients to important appointments but we often refer to a local geriatric care manager to be the point person for the whole family. With one person being the central person assisting the family on key points, there is less risk of confusion and more consistency of care.
With a geriatric care manager and Perfect Solutions for Seniors Homecare on your team, it is a stellar combination to ensure great care for your senior loved one.

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Dementia Tip

To Improve Safety for the Senior in Your Life, an Experienced Handyman Would Be a Better Option

You might be the classic, modern do-it-yourselfer. That’s a wonderful thing. Being able to do any number of home improvement projects on your own is not just a wonderful way to save money, but also feel satisfied. It’s a sense of pride for many men and women to be able to fix something in the house, repair a leaky faucet, or even open up a wall in the house to create a more open atmosphere.

When you have an aging senior in your life who may not be as safe as they once were because of health issues, injuries, or simply the natural process of aging, you may understand certain modifications can be an important improvement for them.

However, unless you have exceptional experience with home improvement projects, it may be best to hire an experienced handyman to do the work.

What kind of mistakes could an inexperienced do-it-yourselfer make?

Let’s talk about grab bars. These are not the same as towel bars because they are designed to hold up the weight of a full grown, healthy adult. A towel bar is most likely simply secured to the wallboard or tile. If you held onto that towel bar, put your full weight on it, what’s going to happen?

It’ll probably rip right out of the wall, damaging the tile or vinyl surface as it does. What would’ve happened if that aging senior tried to grab onto the towel bar when they were slipping?

It could very well lead to even more significant injuries as a result. Now, let’s say you understand the importance of a grab bar to keep this aging senior safe. Let’s say, also, that you installed it just as you would have a regular towel bar.

You may have used a device to try and find the wall studs so you could anchor them properly, but because of the tile and the type of wallboard, you got false readings. You didn’t fully understand those false readings, so you anchored the grab bar where you thought a wall stud was.

But it wasn’t there. Suddenly, a false sense of security was provided to that aging senior in your life and they grabbed onto it. It ripped out of the wall and they fell, suffering serious injuries.

What went wrong? There could be any number of reasons why that wall stud finder produced a false result. If you don’t have experience, like somebody who has been doing this for decades, the result could be devastating. That’s why it may be best to depend on an experienced handyman for these home modifications when the safety of seniors is at stake.

If you or someone you know needs help with Home Care to Improve Senior Home Safety in Sarasota, FL, contact Perfect Solution For Seniors. We provide quality and affordable home care services in our community. Call us at (941) 378-5553 for more information.


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General Tips to Improve Memory

General Tips to Improve Memory

1. Be alert and aware

You cannot remember if you do not attend to the item you want to recall. When you pay attention you will become aware of things you ordinarily will miss.

2. Visualization/ Association

Memory is based on associating new information to something you already know. It helps to link what you want to remember to a strong visual image. Example, people often remember the shape of Michigan because they associate it with a mitten. Or next time you want to remember someone’s name, associate it with someone you already know or a famous person.

3. Repetition

In order to place something in your memory bank, you must repeat it at least 3 times. Verbal repetition linked with a visual image can increase your ability to recall

4. Organize new information

Catagorize new information to help you remember or use acronyms.

5. Routine

Do things in the same order/time every day to help you recall

6. Write it Down

Use a planner

Use these tips in your daily life to help improve your memory. If you are you loved one is needing assistance with every day activities such as meal planning, dressing, toileting or even travel, give us a call. Perfect Solutions for Seniors offers in home care from Bradenton to Ft. Myers!

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Long Term Insurance

Did you know we will help you with making sure your long-term care insurance plan pays out?!

It can be a complicated process and at times with no guidance or assistance, your claim can get denied on a plan you have paid into for years. How frustrating!

We will sit down with you in your home, help contact your long term insurance company, and review with you what are the terms and conditions that need to be met to ensure you are reimbursed in a timely manner.

Do you know about an elimination period???

It is basically your deductible of your long term insurance plan, but instead of money its in days, usually about 90- 100. Most long term insurance plans have this requirement. Elimination period is the period of time between the onset of a disability or disease and the time you are eligible for benefits. Your hospital stay, rehab stay at a facility can usually qualify for this time, that way by the time you will be home, you will be eligible for benefits.

It sounds confusing and overwhelming, and that is why we have made it our mission to understand long term insurance and do the best we can to make sure your claims are paid.

We walk you through the process to make sure your home care needs will be paid for, so you can continue living in your home of choice with modified independence.

Furthermore, we do not have an additional charge for our assistance.  We want to support you in your goals to be home surrounded by loved ones and your memories you have cultivated over the years, and this is just one way we can help!

Our family taking care of yours!

To Know More: Click Here

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Dangerous UTIs Can Follow Hospital Patients Home

For the sick or elderly, a urinary tract infection (UTI) can prove deadly. With many vulnerable patients developing UTIs post-discharge, a new study suggests that better monitoring is needed after leaving the hospital.

Researchers at Oregon State University explored more than 3,000 at-risk patients. The study revealed that the risk of infection tripled once patients went home.

UTIs are the most common type of health care-related infection, according to the National Healthcare Safety Network. While the infection is usually harmless for the young, it can have deadly consequences for the elderly.

“If left untreated, UTIs can progress to more serious disease such as sepsis,” said study author Jessina McGregor, associate professor at OSU’s College of Pharmacy.

Catheters — thin tubes used to drain urine from the bladder in bedbound patients — cause most hospital-acquired UTIs, the report noted.

Though severe UTIs can cause symptoms such as vomiting, fever, shaking and chills, a mild infection can be difficult to detect at first.

“In elderly patients, diagnosis of urinary tract infections can be challenging since advanced age also results in some of the symptoms often attributable to UTI, such as increased urination frequency or urgency,” McGregor said

A constant urge to urinate and pain or burning while urinating are hallmarks of a UTI. Once discovered, the infection can be treated with antibiotics. But the issue is twofold: If a doctor misdiagnoses symptoms of aging as an infection, McGregor is unsure if the cost of treatment outweighs the precautionary benefits.

“We are worried about elderly patients being treated for UTI when in fact their symptoms are not due to an infection,” McGregor said. “Unnecessary use of antibiotics puts the patients at risk for drug-associated side effects without offering any potential benefits.”

The study showed that about 11 patients per 1,000 developed a UTI in the hospital. About 30 per 1,000 developed a UTI within a month of going home. As patients are experiencing shorter hospital stays than ever, improving the transition from hospital to home is essential to solving this problem, the researchers said.

“During transitions of care, health care providers need to have open lines of communication to ensure they have a complete picture of a patient’s medical history when providing care,” McGregor said.

Dr. Thomas Finucane, a geriatrician at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore, explained why providing antibiotics for unconfirmed UTIs isn’t favorable.

“We used to think the urinary tract was sterile; this was the basis for many decisions about giving antibiotics,” said Finucane, who wasn’t part of the study. “But now we know that the urinary tract has a microbiome and is, in fact, never sterile.”

The lack of sterility in the urinary tract could mean that some symptoms of a UTI can be present in healthy individuals. This idea implies that the UTI diagnosis is overused and patients don’t always need antibiotics.

“In most cases, if a young or middle-aged woman develops painful urination, it’s safe to take pain meds and observe carefully,” Finucane said. “But most of the time it gets better by itself.”

The study can’t prove that the infections were picked up in the hospital. But the link is strong enough to support further research, McGregor said.

The study was published recently in the journal Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology.

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Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Featured blog is from our corporate partners Healthcare Straightup, an on line Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy company. Check out their full website here!

Mission: We are an industry leader in providing valued homecare services to the elderly population through education, compassionate care and promoting overall wellness to our clients. We are genuinely invested in providing improved quality of life for our clients, through educated and passionate CNA’s and caregivers who share our same values, as well as providing resources to our clients that allow them to stay in their home and community. Our goal is to be the premier provider of senior healthcare Solutions-leading, developing, and always growing

  • Family -owned and Operated for over 15 years
  • Two Levels of Care
    • Caregivers/Companions
    • CNA’s- Hands on Care
  • Our CNA’s and HHA’s are:
    • Fully screened, insured, bonded, licensed or certified
    • Have a minimum of one-year experience
    • On-going training for staff
    • Low turnover, with above industry staff retention for caregiver consistency
    • Bi-lingual skills available
  • Provide Daily (2 hour minimum), Weekly, 24/7 and Live-in care
  • Speech Language Pathologist as Administrator
  • Cognitive Enhancement Program for clients to maximize communication and well-being
    (see reverse side)
  • Servicing the following Counties:
    • Sarasota
    • Charlotte
    • Collier
    • Manatee
    • Polk
    • Hillsborough

Here’s What our Clients Say: 

“Thank you for your help with my dad. You were my guardian angel.”-N.Pease

“You and your staff were indeed, the perfect solution! Thanks for your help and care for our mom.”-M. Friedman

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