24 Hour Senior Home-Care in Sarasota

24 Hour Senior Home Care

Specializing in 24 hour senior home-care for your loved ones.  Focusing on consistency of care and placing the right CNA’s for your loved ones wants and needs. We are able to provide services for as little as an hour a day, up to 24/7 care or a live-in option. Not sure how much you need? No problem! Request a free in-home consultation with a PSFS Home-Care case manager today! Individually tailored senior home care services available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

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Senior Home-Care - Perfect Solutions for Seniors

Rules Highlighted for Dementia Caregivers

Now a days, having a social online presence for any business is a must. With this, we come across a lot of useful and relevant information. The one that tops our list is Dr. Antonio Graham, a geriatrician with training in internal medicine. His account @geriagingexpert, on Instagram, is a must follow. Dr. Graham posts bite sized information posts regarding aging.  Aging is a multifaceted issue, but we find Dr. Graham has an ability to post complex information in an easy to understand format. One post, in regards to tips for caregivers of a person with dementia, states this:

  1. REMINISCE- Never say “Remember”
  2. REPEAT- Never say “I already told you”
  3. SAY “Do what you can”- Never say “You can’t”
  4. ASK- Never command
  5. ENCOURAGE and PRAISE- Never condescend

These are “rules” we highlight with our own caregivers/CNA’s here at PSFS. As caregivers, awareness of how we are speaking with our clients with dementia, increases our ability to assist them. Having a pleasant tone, exhibiting appropriate body language while following the above – mentioned tips, increases the quality of home-care we can provide.

Give Dr. Graham as well as us a follow on Instagram!

@geriagingexpert @perfectsolutionsforseniors

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Perfect Solutions for Seniors - CNAs HHAs - Senior Home Care Sarasota

Senior Home-Care CNAs Sarasota

Perfect Solutions for Seniors will now be home care with CNA’s and HHA’s. we are so excited to be able to provide more services to our clients.

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Happy Thanksgiving - Senior Home Care Sarasota

Inclusive Activities for Seniors during Thanksgiving

Holiday Activities & Home Care

Imagine your house full of people you love, endearing conversations being had between family members, loved ones yelling at the T.V. for sports games, children chasing each other from room to room developing life long friendships with their cousins. Sounds amazing right?

Now imagine you are a Senior, hard of hearing, trying to remember who these people are, attempting to remember “Why am I here again?”, “What are we celebrating?”. A family member asks you a question, and a well meaning daughter or spouse answers for you, robbing you of the opportunity for a social connection. The emotion is much different, right?

Holidays are a joyous occasion but can also be overwhelming for someone with Dementia or even someone who is hard of hearing. Here are some suggestions to help create a welcoming atmosphere:

  1. Have a photo album labeled with names, and reminisce with them multiple times a day with different family members who can offer different perspectives of the same story
  2. Incorporate your Senior in activities such as cooking. Have them sit at a table, and mix apples for the apple pie, or fold the napkin linens for the table.
  3. Have a room designated as a “quiet room”, where one-on-one conversations can be had without environmental distractions. This room is not meant to isolate a Senior, but to increase the social connection that is vital for their quality of life.
  4. Have a schedule ready to show them the events of the day so they are aware of what is next (this also helps you in organizing your day!)

We often see loved ones do everything for their Senior, thinking they are doing best for them, but often times we are handicapping them. Taking away what they still can do for themselves, and creating dependency. Seniors, even those with Dementia, can still contribute to daily activities, but just with some modified adjustments.

by: Francesca Alonso, M.S. CCC-SLP, Geriatric Speech Language Pathologist, Administrator of PSFS Homecare


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Francesca Senior care in Sarasota

Communication Tips for people with Dementia

Here are some useful tips to effectively communicate with a person with dementia. Communication is not a one size fits all, so please tailor your approach to each individual, and remember sometimes its not WHAT you say but HOW you say it.

Begin by Setting a Positive Mood- Your attitude and body language communicate stronger than words.

Be sure to get the persons attention-Limit distractions and noise. Address client by name, identify yourself by name and use non verbal cues and touch to help client stay focused. If client is seated, get down to her level and maintain eye contact.

State your Message clearly. Speak slowly, and distinctly and in a reassuring tone while using simple words and sentences. Ask simple, specific, answerable questions. Only ask one question at a time. Questions with yes or no answers work best. Give instructions that are easy to understand. Break down tasks into simple 2-3 simple steps

Adjust your expectations. Respond with affection and reassurance. Do not use “remember”. Do not test their memory or tell them of their deficits.

When the going gets tough, distract and redirect. By redirecting an individual with dementia, you may be able to avoid or delay outbursts or inappropriate behaviors.

Use validation.  Use humor whenever possible.

* From Linda Burhans “Good Nightand God Bless”

Francesca Alonso (pictured above) is a licensed Geriatric Speech Language Pathologist. She has training in management in Dementia care and is on track to becoming a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP).

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Caregiver appointments transportation Sarasota

Senior Home Care in Sarasota Florida

Has recent surgery left you with limited movement and unable to care for yourself?

Perfect Solutions for Seniors provides in-home assistance and senior home care for you even for a limited time. Companions and caregivers will be able to assist you around the home, house-cleaning, light cooking, and whatever else you will need! Don’t extend your recovery time by not having the required help, call us today for a free in-home assessment. Let us take care of you!

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