Many medical professionals use the Global Deterioration Scale (GDS) to stage Dementia. What does that mean? Dementia is broken up into 7 “stages” or categories. It is imperative to have a baseline so an interdisciplinary team of medical professionals can adjust care plans, medications, care, etc.

As part of our services, our Administrator and resident medical Speech-Language Pathologist can provide a free Dementia consultation. Within this consultation, a cursory screener is provided to stage Dementia as well as maximum education is provided to the client and family.

At Perfect Solutions for Seniors, we believe more information on a diagnosis is imperative to provide the appropriate amount of care to not only increase a client’s quality of life but to ensure safety via supervision to decrease falls.

Knowing the stage of a loved one’s Dementia can pinpoint what we can expect as a team, and what that client can and cannot do by themselves. It provides us a roadmap so we can assist the family and client as best we can.