Now that we have introduced ourselves, and why we are so passionate about senior in home care, its time to dig into the good stuff! Our services!

We are the only eldercare company in Sarasota, Florida that has a licensed Speech Language Pathologist as our administrator. What does that mean to you?

Francesca, uses her clinical skill to enhance the care plans established by our Registered Nurse’s. Care plans can be enhanced either by setting communication expectations/ or ways to best communicate with client. Francesca supplies one on one education to the family, and the caregiver/CNA placed on the case.

Part of our valued services is our Cognitive Enhancement Program. This program includes our admin, an SLP and certified Dementia Practitioner, providing a screening tool/assessment to stage cognition. From this, she makes recommendations to the care plan or can make recommendations to make the home safer, such as adding grab bars in the bathroom for example.  This value added service is exclusive only to Perfect Solutions for Senior clients’.

We are so proud to have this available for our clients’, and this is just one way we are changing Senior in home care. Our client’s deserve the best, and we are set on delivering that!


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