1. Be alert and aware

You cannot remember if you do not attend to the item you want to recall. When you pay attention you will become aware of things you ordinarily will miss.

2. Visualization/ Association

Memory is based on associating new information to something you already know. It helps to link what you want to remember to a strong visual image. Example, people often remember the shape of Michigan because they associate it with a mitten. Or next time you want to remember someone’s name, associate it with someone you already know or a famous person.

3. Repetition

In order to place something in your memory bank, you must repeat it at least 3 times. Verbal repetition linked with a visual image can increase your ability to recall

4. Organize new information

Catagorize new information to help you remember or use acronyms.

5. Routine

Do things in the same order/time every day to help you recall

6. Write it Down

Use a planner

Use these tips in your daily life to help improve your memory. If you are you loved one is needing assistance with every day activities such as meal planning, dressing, toileting or even travel, give us a call. Perfect Solutions for Seniors offers in home care from Bradenton to Ft. Myers!