At Perfect Solution for Seniors, we believe in choices. We always recommend interviewing 3 private duty companies prior to making your decision.
We also recommend to not make your decision solely on price. Ask about the companies hiring methods, their company culture, ongoing education for their staff, and specialty programs.
At PSFS, we are always striving to do the best for our clients and increase our employee’s knowledge base about our clients.
This is why our Administrator has created the Cognitive-Communication program. Francesca uses her skills as a medical Speech-Language Pathologist to stage a person’s cognition and dementia. With that vital information, she is able to train the CNA specifically what the client needs. Furthermore, she takes the time to provide extensive education to the family about the diagnosis of their loved one.
We are a no cookie-cutter approach system, and this is just one way we are changing the landscape of in-home senior care.